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What could be better than free tattoos?
How about $1000 dollars cash? 

You can get it all just by talking with your friends. People think we are crazy for giving away 10%-20% of our money.
We want everyone to know about our tattoo studio. That’s why we made the referral system that allows you to earn money or free tattoos.
We’ll double your money if you want to have a tattoo instead of cash out.

1. Tell your friends about
Art Collector Tattoo Studio
2. Your friend gets a $50 discount
coming from you.
3. You earn 10%-20% from your friend’s tattoo.

So how to get free tattoos or money?

1. Just tell your friends and social media followers about “Art Collector Tattoo Studio”.

2. Ask them to mention that they came from you. You will get 10% from each qualified customer that you bring to our studio. We will send you money or give you free tattoos. As a bonus we’ll give your friend a $50 discount after their appointment is scheduled.
You basically give $50 to each person you talk to.

3. Win win! 

Yeah! Just like that.

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On average, people in Los Angeles have between 4 and 9 close friends. About 15-30 acquaintances and about 100-200 followers on social media.

Even if just 5 of them get a tattoo from us. You will get from $250 to $1000 in cash/zelle/venmo or from $500 to $2000 in “free tattoo” money.

How exactly does the referral system work? 

We made it so easy for you. Just talk about us!

Let’s say you got your tattoo in our studio and told your friend about us, showing your awesome ink. Of course your pal will want some tattoos eventually. Dont forget to tell about $50 discount if they come from you!
Make a story/post on your social media and tell everybody that they’ll get a $50 discount if they come from you!

So, Your mate comes to our studio and we simply ask who referred him/her/them? They can’t skip this step. It is in our tattoo check-in form. No codes or special words needed until you are a blogger and you want to have the unique code!

Well, now we got your name and contact info so we will send you the money. And believe me we want to do it asap. Why? Because we want you to keep talking about us and recommend us to your friends and followers.

How do I know that someone came from me?

We will send you a text/email/dm message as soon as we get the first customer.

How much can I earn?

Let’s say your mate spent $1000 for the tattoo. So 10% = $100 is yours. No limits. Bring more friends, tell your followers, earn money – easy, just like that.

How do I get money?

We will send you Zelle or Venmo or come and get cash if you want. Up to you.

How do I double my money to get a free tattoo?

Brining qualified customers to Art Collector Tattoo Studio earns you real money. Instead of taking the money out you can get a free tattoo. Moreover, we will double your “free tattoo” money if you bring 5 customers. So bring 5 friends that spent $500 or more for their tattoos and get $250 in cash or $500 as your tattoo money. Get your tattoo for free! Bring 5 more and get another free tattoo! Repeat!

I’m a blogger. Can I get a discount code to share?

Of course. Contact us via Make sure “Referral system” is the subject. We will give you a unique code. Each  

Who is a qualified customer? 

Any person that schedules their first appointment through with our resident artist and spends $500 or more is a qualified customer. It is important that the person is a new client and never got any tattoo in the Art Collector Tattoo Studio before. In other words. Any new client that spent $500 or more for a tattoo with our resident artists is the qualified customer.

How often can I receive my payout?

We will be able to send money as soon as we get 3 customers from you and you contact us back to confirm the payment method. We double your “free tattoo” money after you bring 5 clients or more and you decide to get a tattoo instead of cashing out.