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  • ● Simple or Custom tattoos
  • ● Clean, modern tattoo studio with comfy chairs and snacks
  • ● Safety first. Disposable, sterile, premium supplies. Hypoallergenic vegan-friendly ink
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“If there were ten stars I would give it. Nik is such an amazing artist and compassionate human. I found him on Instagram originally and set up a consultation. I have burn scars from when I was an infant and have been looking for an artist who could incorporate them in an tattoo. So many artists I contacted did not answer me or when I went for consultations did not want to touch it. Nik was confident that…” See more on Google


“Absolute first class experience. I’ve had three tattoos and each has left a memorable lasting impression. You can be confident that you’re making the right choice by choosing Art Collector Tattoo” See more on Google…










10200 Venice Blvd #205. Culver City, CA 90232


You ever get that itch for some fresh ink, but you’re not really a fan of making appointments and waiting around? Well, you’re in luck because we’re a walk-in tattoo shop in Los Angeles, where you can get your ink on the fly. Let’s break it down: what’s a walk-in tattoo, who’s doing it, and how does it all go down?

What’s a Walk-In Tattoo Anyway?

So, a walk-in tattoo is pretty much what it sounds like. You Google “Walk in tattoo shop near me“. You stroll into a tattoo shop, no appointment needed, pick a design, and bam, you’re getting inked.
Sometimes you might walk in, flip through a tattoo artist’s work, and see if they’re free to do one of their signature pieces. If it’s a simple tattoo you’re after, any available artist can usually hook you up.

Another option is going for a pre-designed piece that the artist has already created. They might have it in their “available” book or posted on social media, and you just walk in and claim it. These are a bit pricier than super basic designs but cheaper than fully custom ones because they’re prepped and ready to roll.

Other times, the shop might have a flash sheet with small, easy-to-ink designs. These are crowd-pleasers, especially on days like Friday the 13th and Halloween. They’re not too heavy on the wallet, but be ready for a few folks rocking the same tat.

Why Go Walk-In?

It’s perfect if you can’t resist that sudden tattoo itch, or you’re not too picky about the design.

Can You Actually Schedule a Walk-In Tattoo?

Nope, that’s just called an “appointment.”

Here’s what might happen: you walk in for a walk-in tattoo but get wowed by a specific artist’s work and want something more custom. Maybe you dig one of their pieces but want a few tweaks. That’s when you chat with the artist and set up an appointment for a later date.

Walk-In vs. Appointment Tattoos

Here’s the deal: walk-ins are all about spontaneity, appointments take planning. With walk-ins, you just show up, but with appointments, you’ve already talked to the artist about what you want, where it’s going, and how long it’ll take. Plus, you might’ve put down a deposit to lock in your spot.

Do All Tattoo Shops Do Walk-Ins?

Nah, not all of them. Some are all about appointments, while others mix in walk-ins on specific days. Most are a bit of both, covering appointments and spur-of-the-moment inking.

Why Artists Offer Walk-In Tattoos

Walk-ins are a go-to for new artists who need practice. These tattoos are usually simpler, making them great for apprentices.

Experienced artists use walk-ins to fill up their day when appointments are slow. Some artists work a set schedule in a shop, like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11-7. If they finish their appointments early or have a light week, they’re open for walk-ins.

But some artists are appointment-only; they only show up when they’ve got bookings.

Occasionally, even those booked-up rockstar artists might host a walk-in event. It’s a cool way to ink fans who’d otherwise wait for months, and it’s a chance to raise some funds for a good cause, like charity tattooing.

How Does a Walk-In Tattoo Go Down?

Here’s the scoop on what happens when you step into the shop:
Walk In: Walk in, and make yourself at home. In our studio you are always welcomed.
Check Out the Artist’s Work: Ask to see the artist’s portfolio. If there’s an artist available, they’ll point you in the right direction.
Have a chat with the artist about the design you want.
Ask questions like:
Can you do it today?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
What time can you do it today?
Tattoo Time: If everything lines up, you’re ready to roll. Prep usually involves shaving the area, applying the stencil, and tattooing.
Payment & Tips: Sort out payment and decide on a tip, which is typically around 15-20% or what feels right for you.
Aftercare: Get aftercare instructions from your artist and stock up on tattoo aftercare products.

That’s the lowdown on walk-in tattoo shops in Los Angeles. Come to Art Collector Tattoo Studio. No need to schedule ahead. Just drop in, pick your ink, and get your new tattoo vibe going! 10200 Venice blvd, Culver city, CA 90232 or call 909-808-55-20

See you on your tattoo session.

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